EZdc DC Converter

Trionic EZdc DC Converter

General Features

  • Isolated Switching Regulator
  • Output power 300W, 450W and 900W max
  • Compact design
  • Encapsulated IP65
  • On/Off Key switch input
  • Vibration resistant
  • Wide input range
  • Short circuit protection
  • Contact cooling
  • Connector Molex Mini-Fit Sr. 4281
  • Over temperature protected

Technical Data

(after warm-up time at 25 °C) 
- load variation 10-90 % statictyp. 0,5%(max.1,0%)
dynamictyp. 1,0%(max.2,0%)
- input voltage variation +/-10%typ. 0,2%(max.0,5%)
Recovery time to ±1% typ. 0,25ms (max.0,5ms)
Efficiency at full load 
- typ. with 13,8V outputtyp. 86%
- typ. with 26V outputtyp. 87%
Ripple and noise1,5% U-out NOM
Switching spikestyp. 100mVpp
Conducted interference at input≤ 1% pp.max
Idle current input at 72VDCca./approx. 15mA
Ambient temperatures 
- storage temperature range-40°C...+105°C
- operating temperature range-40°C...+105°C
- operating temperature range at full load-40°C...+70°C
(temperature at heat sink) 
- temperature coefficientcoefficient 0,05% / °K
Humidity100 % RH
Switching frequency typ. 110 kHz
Break down voltage input/output1000 VDC / 1 min.
Isolated resistance100 MΩ
Output short circuit protected by switch offca. 120 % I-nom
Trionic CAN Display Module